Mountain View Equine Hospital Facilities


  • 5400 square foot hospital facility with treatment room, pharmacy, office space, and reproductive area Five intensive care stalls with fluid hangers and oxygen hook-ups
  • 30 ft by 25 ft fully-equipped surgical suite with 2 padded induction recovery stalls
  • 3600 square foot outpatient/rehabilitation barn with 8 stalls and Equivibe
  • Palpation stocks
  • 10 stall reproduction barn with breeding stocks and breeding phantom as well as full lab
  • Complete reproductive laboratory with equipment for collecting and handling fresh and frozen semen
  • Comfort stall flooring in all stalls and in the treatment area and aisles of the hospital
  • In-ground scales with 5000 lb weight capacity
  • Separate storage shed for feed and hay
  • Separate isolation unit
  • 4 day covered runouts
  • 9 group turn out pens
  • 6 single turn out pens
  • One round pen
  • Large sand ring for exercise / lameness workups
  • Entrances and driveways are large enough to support easy in and out for large commercial haulers

Imaging Equipment

  • Sonosite ultrasound with 4 - 10 MHz probes and color-flow doppler
  • Min X-ray 8015+ radiography unit
  • Universal My Lab digital ultrasound with 2.5 mHz probe and a 6-10 mHz probe
  • Aloka 500 ultrasound with 5 mHz probe
  • Sound technology digital radiography system
  • 1.5 M Videoendoscope system
  • Universal Grand MR (MRI unit)
  • 3.0 M video endoscope system for gastroscopies

Diagnostic & Therapeutic Equipment

  • Abaxis CBC, Chemistry Fibrinogen, Istat, and Thyroid Testing.
  • Microscope
  • Fluid warming unit
  • Centrifuges
  • Wolf extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ECSWT) unit
  • Swiss float motorized dental equipment
  • Electroacupunture unit
  • Diode LASER from Diode Vet

Anesthetic & Surgical Equipment

  • Life Windows ECG and arterial blood pressure monitor
  • Shanks surgery table
  • 2-ton capacity hoist
  • Dionics and Stryker arthroscope equipment with video monitor
  • Stryker laparoscopic equipment
  • AO/ASIF orthopedic equipment for fracture repair
  • Pulsavac unit for wound lavage
  • Electrocautery
  • Ultrasounic instrument cleaner
  • Autoclave for steam sterilization
  • Ethylene oxide unit for gas sterilization
  • End-tidal CO2 and pulse oximeter from Surgivet
  • IRAP, Stem Cell, and PRP therapies
  • Mallard MRI compatible anesthesia machine with ventilator

Reproductive Technology Equipment

  • ARS densimeter (blue box)
  • Foal Alert System
  • Incubator
  • Liquid nitrogen tanks
  • Equitainers for shipping semen
  • Microscope
  • Stereomicroscope
  • Centrifuge (compatible with 50ml centrifuge tubes)
  • Missouri and Colorado artificial vagina
  • Water bath
  • Foal watch milk calcium kits
  • Embryo flushing and transfer supplies